Nepali traditionnal massage in Pokhara 

Price: 60 minutes for 3000 Rs        90 minutes for 4500 Rs

This massage is a typical Nepali massage done by our professionnal staff in Pokhara. In Nepali culture, when a baby is born, every mother gives massage for their child 3 times a day. This body treatment last for the first 2 or 3 years of their life. However, the use of simple methods can significantly improve health and vitality. Nepali massage aims to lessening lower back pain, depression, anxiety as well as improving sleep. BOOK ONLINE your Nepali traditionnal massage in Sanjivani, Pokhara.

Most of our dear customers like to enjoy a 90 minutes Traditionnal nepali massage to completely enjoy the effect of this treament.


Our centre is located in the center of the touristic area of Pokhara,  directly in front of Paradiso sport Bar

Sanjivani Spa & Beauty Parlour in Pokhara

Come in our center in Pokhara to enjoy your Nepali traditionnal massage